Expal Shepherd-MIL

     Notes: This UAV is designed for unmanned forward observation, particularly to provide data for artillery and mortar fires.  While is does have a very quiet motor, it’s main defense against detection is a bit more tricky – it takes for form of one of various gliding birds that are known for their slow flight characteristics.  Of course, if one sees the propeller all bets are off, and it does have several antennas as well as control surfaces. Under the bird shell, it is like many other such UAVs, having a secure radio link back to it’s controller, a GPS with a flight plan able to use up to 32 waypoints and with the ability to take a new waypoint on the fly, and the ability to be hand-flown by the controller.  Launch is by simply throwing into the air; landing is by simply dragging on the ground until it comes to a stop – and it is designed to “fall apart” upon landing upon several designed-in split points.  The controller has a tablet-type computer to control the UAV. The Shepherd-MIL has two day/night cameras; they can be programmed to look in two different directions or to use one to take high-resolution still photos.  The battery takes 30 minutes to recharge.  The Shepherd-MIL may skim the ground at 20 meters, or fly at up to 4000 meters, though practical limits (based on the resolution of the cameras) is 300 meters.  The Shepherd-MIL cannot be launched if the launch site is greater than 2500 meters in altitude. The Shepherd-MIL is capable of operating in light rain and in winds up to 32 kilometers per hour. The Shepherd-MIL has a small computer onboard, allowing the UAV to give its measurements and coordinates in the system used by the customer.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt

Ground Crew


Night Vision



0.2 kg

2.8 kg



Image Intensification, Passive IR


Tr Mov

Com Mov

Mnvr/Acc Agl/Turn

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons




NA  8  2/1  20/10

Rechargeable Battery – 60 Minutes Range








Ground Control (Range – 20 km) or Autonomous Guidance

2xDay/Night Cameras, GPS