Hanyang HY-962J

Notes: This is a large flatbed semi-tractor trailer designed for the transporting of large cargoes and vehicles. The trailer is equipped with three axles at the rear and a total of 12 tires, along with two spare tires. The trailer has two loading ramps at the rear and two supporting legs at the front to stabilize the trailer while loading. The HY-962J is an improved version of the earlier HY-962; the HY-962 has similar characteristics, but it is some 0.29 meters shorter, a bit lighter, a little higher at the coupling face, and the loading ramps are not spring-loaded as they are on the HY-962J. The HY-962J is normally towed by the HY-473A tractor truck, while the HJ-962 is normally towed by an HY-417F10 tractor truck. As is usual for trailers of this type, they come with the equipment necessary to secure cargoes or vehicles, including a basic tool kit and cables, ropes, block and tackle, eyebolts, bolts, nuts, etc.




Veh Wt





50 tons

12.34 tons


W(3)/HF1 HS1 HR1



50 tons

11.5 tons


W(3)/HF1 HS1 HR1