EMPL 3-Axle 34-ton Low-Bed Semi-Trailer

Notes: Designed as a light armored vehicle transporter, the EMPL is to be towed by an appropriately-equipped truck and is constructed from steel and with components designed for durability. Two loading folding loading ramps are at the rear of the trailer so that vehicles may drive onto the trailer. The three axles (12 wheels total) are at the rear of the trailer, with the front supported by the towing vehicle. The rear section also carries the vehicle or cargo on the trailer. The rear axle is steerable if the trailer is moving at 20 kph or less. All wheels are equipped with airbrakes. Two spare tires are provided with the trailer; a complete set of tools and accessories needed to secure the vehicle or cargo is also carried. This would include a basic tool set, eyebolts, cables, ropes, bolts, nuts, etc.




Veh Wt



EMPL 34-ton


34 tons

12 tons


W(3)/HF1 HS1 HR1