RS-122 Magaria

     Notes: In 2012 Georgia brought into service its own heavily upgraded version of the BM-21, called the Magaria.  The Georgians had Polish aid in developing the Magaria, and as a result the upgrade is similar in many ways to the Polish WR-40 Langusta.  The Georgians currently have 12 oif these systems in service. The upgrade brings the Magaria in a class similar to the Russian 9K15 Grad-G. It is a surprisingly advanced system for such a small country.

     The Magaria is equipped with a long-range laser rangefinder for direct-fire missions, an advanced ballistic computer, extra radios to take coordinates from FIST teams and aircraft, a GLONASS system including a mapping module, and a self-surveying system. The Grad-G has an automatic aiming system; the gunner inputs coordinates using the mapping system and the fire control computer lays the correct elevation and deflection, and the right dope on the fuzes of certain rounds that require certain fuze setting on a given round.  The Magaria can fire most 122mm Grad-compatible rockets in the world, but Georgians appear to get much of their rocket supply from Poland. The cab has shutters to close when the launcher is fired.

     The Magaria does not have a full BMS, though it does have an automatic reporting system that reports its position to higher headquarters at five-minute intervals, and the higher headquarters can be queried as to the location of a given friendly unit by the computer controlling this system.  The Magaria also has a vehicle state and a mapping computer, as well as GPS (instead of GLONASS).  LCD displays give the required information to the crewmembers.

     The vehicle is based on the KrAZ-6322 chassis that is so common in European non-Russian BM-21 variants.  The cab is extended, and includes a sleeping berth area, and room for crew equipment and weapons.  The KrAZ-6322 has a turbocharged 330-horsepower engine, automatic transmission, power brakes and steering, and puncture-resistant/run-flat tires and central tire pressure regulation.  A 30-liter chilled drinking water tank is available to the crew.  The cab has decent armor with external aluminum alloy and internal hard Kevlar armor.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



D, A

532 kg

18 tons



2nd Gen Thermal Imaging (G), 2nd Gen Image Intensification (G), Long-Range Day/Night CCD Camera (G, C), Backup Camera (D)



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










TF1  TS1  TR1  HF3  HS3  HR3*


Fire Control






40-Round 122mm Grad Rocket Launcher

40x122mm Grad Rockets

*Only the cab is so armored.  The underside of the vehicle has AV2, but the rest of the vehicle is unarmored.