The Lynx MRL was modified from the Israeli version of the BM-21 Grad.  The Azerbaijani built most of them in their own factories, but with considerable design work and supervision from IMI.  The exact design as the Lynx has not been sold on the open market, but a similar design, the Naiza, was sold to Kazakhstan.

     The Lynx is a modular launcher.  Most rockets used are twin pods of 20 122mm rockets, but the Lynx can fire thirteen 160mm IMI LARS rockets, eight 200mm IMI EXTRA rockets, one pod of 122mm and one pod of four 200mm rockets, one pod of thirteen 160mm and one pod of four 200mm rockets, and so forth. The Lynx is capable of firing even newly-developed versions of rockets, especially new-type 122mm.

     The Lynx is mounted on a KamAZ-8350 8x8 heavy truck chassis with a turbocharged diesel developing 360 horsepower, but does not have an armored cab, though the cab is extended. Louvers may be closed while the rockets are being launched to shield the cab windows.  The MRL is usually followed by several similar trucks, which each carry four 122mm pods, or two for 160mm or 200mm rockets. Rocket pods are factory packed and sealed, and the supplying vehicle has a crane to mount the pod on the launcher.

     Though not armored, the cab is NBC Sealed and has an air conditioner with NBC filters.  The vital electronics are inside the cab to the rear of the front seat, facing right.  There is a space for the crews’ personal gear and a refrigerated 30-liter water tank dispenser. The launching of the rockets are done from a board in the firing position, and augmented with a medium-power fire control computer combined with meteorological sensors, resulting in an accuracy better than most MRLs. The crew need not leave the cab during a firing operation, and reloading is done from outside the cab, again with no need for the crew to leave the cab. In the center of the cab roof, there is a circular hatch for the commander; it is not strong enough for a heavy weapon such as a heavy machinegun, minigun, or something like an AGL, but a light or medium machinegun may be mounted.  The hatch does not have a cupola or ring, but the machinegun is pintle-mounted. The Lynx is fitted with a GPS system, which can be used for navigation and targeting.  It is also used to program the 200mm EXTRA rockets, which are in fact guided missiles and guided by GPS readings, with an inertial navigation backup.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



D, A

540 kg

25 tons






Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










TF2  TS2  TR2  HF1  HS1  HR1*


Fire Control






2x0-Round 122mm GRAD Pod or 2x13-round 160mm LARS Pod or 2x8-round 200mm EXTRA pods or Any Mix of the Three; Negev or PKM Machinegun (C)

40x122mm GRAD or 16x160mm LARS or 8x200mm EXTRA Rockets or Combination of the three by Pod; 3000x5.56mm or 2000x7.62mm