Updates 2024

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23 Mar 24


Jeeps have been added to Civilian Vehicles.

Canadian Tracked APCs has been added, with the Avro Bobcat.

Czech Tracked APCs has been added, with the OT-90.

Austrian Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, British Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, Bulgarian Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, Chinese Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, and Danish Tracked Light Combat Vehicles have been updated, corrected, and expanded.

In Brazilian Tracked Light Combat Vehicles, a small but critical error has been corrected.

In Russian Battle Rifles, under the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Series, the Kholodovskii Mosin has been added.

In French Submachineguns, the suppressed version of the MAT-49 has been added.

In Vietnamese Submachineguns, the ROF of the MAT-49M has been corrected.



25 Feb 24

In Civilian Vehicles, Fords were added.

In SP Guns, Japanese SP Guns, Pakistani SP Guns, Russian SP Guns, Saudi SP Guns, Swedish SP Guns, Swiss SP Guns, US SP Guns, and Yugoslavian SP Guns have been expanded, updated, corrected, and more information added.  A lot of work went into these.

In Dominican Assault Rifles, the Cristobal Model 2 entry has been expanded to include the Model 1.

In Israeli Assault Rifles, under the IMI Galil, the JAXX MAR series has been added.

In Russian Assault Rifles, under the Kalashnikov AK-74, a note about the helical AK-74 magazines used by the North Koreans is added.

The former US Assault Rifles A-C has been split into US Assault Rifles A, US Assault Rifles B, and US Assault Rifles C. Under Colt M16 Assault Rifle Series, in US Assault Rifles C, the Mk 4 Mod 0 has been added.

Vietnamese Pistols has been added, with the K14-VN.

In Italian Pump-Action Shotguns, the Valtro PM-5 has been added.

In US Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles F-I, the Gorilla Ammunition GF-10 has been added.

In German Rocket Launchers, under the Panzerfaust 3 entry, the Dynarange sight unit, a note about German Army doctrine as to the use of the PzF-3, and the MZ-110 warhead have been added.

In Large-Caliber Guns, the 76.2mm M1, the 76.2mm M7, and the 90mm M3 were added.

In Italian Mines, the Valmara 59/69/VS-JAP and VS-MK2 have been added.

In Russian Mines, the OZM-2 entry has been rewritten, and the POM-3 has been added.

Yugoslavian Mines has been added, with the PROM-1.

In Medium-Caliber Small Arms Rounds, the 8.6mm Blackout round was added.

In Small-Caliber Small-Arms Rounds, under 5.45mm Kalashnikov, the 100-round Helical magazine was added.