Site Updates 2023

2022 Updates many be seen here.

I will first say the standard blurbs I normally give at the beginning of the year.  There are references to items that have not yet been put in, and I hope I'll get to them eventually this year.

I will continue to try to be more assiduous about replying to PMs and email, though I give no guarantees that such replies will not be late or even very late.  A number of PMers and emailers have pointed out items which require more research or just that they would like to see; the best I can say is I'll see what I can do.

As usual, the site is in an enormous state of flux, and stats may change at any time; in some cases, entire pages or entries may change or disappear.




05 May 23

German ATGM Vehicles, Indian ATGM Vehicles, and International ATGM Vehicles have been updated and corrected, International ATGM Vehicles especially so.

 Bentleys, BMWs, and Buicks have been corrected and updated.

In International Tracked APCs, corrections to silly mistakes have been made to the ASCOD.

In British Wheeled LCVs, the Ferret has been corrected and greatly expanded.

In Russian Pistols, a note about the mechanical nightmare that is the Stechkin has been added.

In South Korean Pistols, the Daewoo K5/DP51 entry has been replaced with a new one.  The DP52 has been folded into the DH380 entry.  The Daewoo/Lionheart Regulus has been added.

In German Revolvers K-Z, the Rohm RG-14 has been added.

In US Rocket Launchers, the FGR-17 Viper's Range has been corrected.

A new page, German Bolt-Action Shotguns, has been added, with the Anschutx 1365 Flobert.

In Spanish Single & Double-Barrel Shotguns, the AYA Model 4 has been added.

In Generic Special Purpose Firearms, the Offensive Aerosol has been added.



 29 Mar 23

Pistols, Revolvers, and Submachineguns have been overhauled.  There were several entries where Damage was 2 and Penetration was 2-Nil; this made sense by an early iteration of my house rules, but hasn't made sense in a while.  This has been fixed.

In Mexican Automatic Rifles, the incorrect M1933 nomenclature has been replaced with the C-1934 nomenclature.

In US Battle Rifles A-L, the Hotchkiss Bolt-Action Rifle and the Lee Navy M1895 have been added.

In Belgian Machineguns, the Type 74 has been added to the FN MAG entry.

In Chinese Machineguns, the Type 02 has been added.

A new page, Hungarian Machineguns, has been added, with the KGK.

In Polish Machineguns, the UKM-2000 has been added.

In US Revolvers - Colt A-P, the Official Police has had several other chamberings added, and the New Python has been added.

In Belgian Sniper Rifles, the FN Mk 20 Mod 0 SSR has been added.

A note on SOCOM use of the Knight's Armament Mk 11 Mod 0 has been added to US Sniper Rifles G-L.

In US Lever-Action Rifles - Winchester, the Model 1886 has been added.

In US Pump-Action Rifles S-Z, the Winchester Model 1890 has been added.

In Explosives, the M150 PAM has been added.

Columbian ATGM Vehicles, Finnish ATGM Vehicles, and French ATGM Vehicles have been updated and corrected.



05 Mar 23

Acuras, Alfa Romeos, Aston Martins, and Audis have been updated and corrected.

US Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been updated and corrected.

Belgian ATGM Vehicles, British ATGM Vehicles, Canadian ATGM Vehicles, and Chinese ATGM Vehicles have been updated and corrected.

The Stryker-Launched Assault Bridge has been added to Best Engineer Vehicles that Never Were.

In Melee Weapons, the Arkansas Toothpick has been added.

Finnish Battle Rifles has been updated with the M/28, M/91-35 and M/56.

In Russian Battle Rifles, the Estonian M1935, the Bulgarian M1891/59, the Remington M1891 in .30-06 Springfield, the Vostok competition rifle, and the Mosin Obrez have been added to the Mosin-Nagant M1891 Series entry.

In US Battle Rifles M-Z, the Type 5 "Japanese Garand" has been added to the Springfield M1 Garand entry.

In German Machineguns, the MG/42 was added to the Rheinmetall MG42 entry.

In Austrian Pistols, the M1912 Machine Pistol has been added to the Steyr M1912 entry.

In Italian Pistols C-S, the Lercker has been added.

In Mexican Pistols, the Trejo entry has been replaced with an updated one.

In Russian Pistols, a note about magazine loading has been added to the TSKIB-14 APS Stechkin.

In South African Pistols, the Viper Manufacturing Mamba has been added.

In US Submachineguns A-I, the 9mm M1 has been added to the Auto-Ordnance Thompson entry.

Fixed a slew of hyperlink errors on the PDF Page.  These errors were found due to the diligence of Terry Reynolds.  The spreadsheet download errors were fixed by putting the sheets into ZIP files.  The rest were poor formatting and error checking by yours truly.


07 Jan 23

In Melee Weapons, the Angel Fire Knives Mini Guard Dog, Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris Blade, CSSD/SC Sister Christian, Delta2Alpha Savannah Slim, Kizer Lan G-10, Spyderco Shabaria, and TOPS Tanimboca Pukka have been added.

In US Rocket Launchers, the FGR17 Viper has been added.

In Russian SAMs, the SA-8, SA-9, and SA-19 have been updated and added to.

A new page, Iranian Fighters, has been added, with the HESA Kowsar.

Romanian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Russian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Slovakian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, South African Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Spanish Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, and Turkish Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been updated and corrected.

Romanian Wheeled SPAA, Russian Wheeled SPAA, South African Wheeled SPAA, Turkish Wheeled SPAA, US Wheeled SPAA, and Yugoslavian Wheeled SPAA have been updated, corrected, and in some cases, new variants have been added. (See especially the US entry for the Avenger.)