Site Updates 2023

2022 Updates many be seen here.

I will first say the standard blurbs I normally give at the beginning of the year.  There are references to items that have not yet been put in, and I hope I'll get to them eventually this year.

I will continue to try to be more assiduous about replying to PMs and email, though I give no guarantees that such replies will not be late or even very late.  A number of PMers and emailers have pointed out items which require more research or just that they would like to see; the best I can say is I'll see what I can do.

As usual, the site is in an enormous state of flux, and stats may change at any time; in some cases, entire pages or entries may change or disappear.



07 Jan 23

In Melee Weapons, the Angel Fire Knives Mini Guard Dog, Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris Blade, CSSD/SC Sister Christian, Delta2Alpha Savannah Slim, Kizer Lan G-10, Spyderco Shabaria, and TOPS Tanimboca Pukka have been added.

In US Rocket Launchers, the FGR17 Viper has been added.

In Russian SAMs, the SA-8, SA-9, and SA-19 have been updated and added to.

A new page, Iranian Fighters, has been added, with the HESA Kowsar.

Romanian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Russian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Slovakian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, South African Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Spanish Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, and Turkish Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been updated and corrected.

Romanian Wheeled SPAA, Russian Wheeled SPAA, South African Wheeled SPAA, Turkish Wheeled SPAA, US Wheeled SPAA, and Yugoslavian Wheeled SPAA have been updated, corrected, and in some cases, new variants have been added. (See especially the US entry for the Avenger.)