Updates 2021

Updates for 2020 can be found here..

There are a few references that I have not yet put in (like Medical Gear, Medical Set...)  They will appear in a later update.

For vehicle entries that have Combat Equipment entries, there will appear radio ranges.  Currently, for the most part, these are placeholders until I can do some research and find out the actual ranges. (Combat Equipment for Vehicles is something new I'm putting in.)

As usual, the site is in an enoormous state of flux, and stats may change at any time; in some cases, entire pages may change or disappear.

I will try to do better at answering your email and PMs in a timely fashion.  No guarantees!




02 Jun 21

This update doesn't contain as much as most; the work on the Canberra seemed to suck all the air out of the update.  It was a bear!

The Canberra in British Bombers has been (I hope) fully updated.

Italian Tracked Engineer Vehicles has been updated and corrected.  In addition, a bit more info has been added, the grammar corrected a bit, and the UAE version of the OF-40 ARV has been updated and given it's own set of statistics.

In Japanese Tracked Engineer Vehicles, the Type 11 ARV and Type 91 AVLB have been added.  In addition, statistics for older vehicles which are still in use have been expanded, corrected, and updated.

In US Semiautomatic Sporting Rifles A-E, the Atlantic/Definitive AKX-9 has been added.



09 Mar 21

British Bombers has been added. (Don't worry, the V-Bombers are coming soon!)

Chinese Bombers has been added.

Russian Bombers has been added.

US Bombers has been heavily expanded, almost totally rewritten.

Indian Tracked EV has been corrected, updated, and to a small extent, expanded.

International Tracked EV has been corrected, updated, and greatly expanded.  In addition, the Kodiak has been removed from this page and moved to German Tracked EV.

Israeli Tracked EV has been updated and corrected.

In Russian Assault Rifles, under the Kalashnikov AK-47/AKM, the 44 Bore has been added.

In US Assault Rifles G-L, the Geissele Super Duty has been added.

In US Semiauto Sporting Rifles S-Z, the Wilson Combat Tactical Hunter has been added.

In Austrian Battle Rifles, the entire page has been reworked (which consisted of only the Mannlicher M1895) and rewritten.

In Italian Battle Rifles, under Mannlicher-Carcano M-1891, the TS Carbine M-1891 with MOD.28 Grenade Launcher has been added.

In US Lever-Action Rifles A-H, the Big Horn Armory Model 90 has been separated from the Model 89, and expanded.

In Austrian Pistols, under Glock 9mm Pistols, the Roland Special has been added.

In Italian Grenade Launchers, the Mannlicher-Carcano MOD.28 has been added.

In Grenade Launcher Rounds, the 38.5x55 Brixia round (for the MOD.28) has been added.

In Melee Weapons, the Abraham & Moses Goodman Special Operations Knife and Wilson Combat/Fox EDC-X were added.

In Argentine Tracked APCs, Australian Tracked APCs, and Austrian Tracked APCs have had the Combat Equipment entry added to the stats.