Xiían H-20

     Notes: The H-20 (alternatively the H-X, denoting the fact that only protypes have been built and it is in advanced field testing) is a subsonic stealth bomber.  It is not expected to be in service until about 2025.  The H-6 was developed in response to the USAFís B-2 and upcoming B-21, as well as a heavy bomber capable of stealth and having the range to range far away from their bases Ė different sources state this range variously at 8000km, 8050 km, and 12,000 km.  The H-20 will also be capable of aerial refueling, and has ejection seats.

     The H-20 is a flying-win design with flight computers to make more stable; the US DoD are pretty sure the H-20 was built using stolen intelligence from the US B-2 and B-21, but resembles the projected B-21 more than the B-2. . Itís primary role is to attack US Carrier Task Forces, though bombing of Japan is also mentioned in itís possible targets.  US intelligence is skeptical that the Chinese could essentially build a B-2 near-clone in such a short period of time, unless US manufacturers have spies in US manufacturing companies of the B-2, the DoD, and the Pentagon, as well as hackers who targeted the B-2.

     The H-20 is likely powered by WS-10 engines (which, it should be noted, the Chinese have not yet been able to manufacture).  The H-20 has an AESA radar as well as a terrain-following radar, both of which are like the B-2, whose radars are extremely difficult to detect when in use.  The Chinese also used parts of the design features of the US X-47B stealth drone.  (Indeed, the H-20 looks like an enlarged X-47B, with a combination of B-2 and B-21 features.) The stealth features mimic those of the B-2 and B-21 in stealth design. The H-20 is capable of using most air-to-ground munitions, from cruise missiles to antishipping missiles to conventional ASM and bombs (both guided and unguided), as well as nuclear weapons and nuclear-tipped missiles.  The H-20 has a rotary launcher similar to that of the B-2.  The crew consists of a Pilot, Co-Pilot, and a WSO/ECM Operator.

     The H-20 is said to be not as stealthy as the B-2 or B-21, or the X-47B for that matter.  The H-20 is essentially a long-range bomber in which the Chinese did not completely successfully copy the B-2, B-21, or X-47B.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



JP6 Equivalent

30.72 tons

114.48 tons



Radar (300km), Rear Radar (150km), 2nd Gen FLIR, LIDAR, TFR (300m)



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Mnvr/Acc Agl/Turn

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons




825 (60)

NA  166  5/3  50/30




HF5  CF5  FF4 T0  W7*


Combat Equipment

Minimum Landing/Takeoff Zone




All-Weather Flight, Flare/Chaff (50/40), ECM 2, IR, Stealth 5 IR Stealth 3, Deception Jamming (59 km), Laser Designator (20 km), Inertial Navigation, GPS, RWR, Secure Radios, Satcom Radio, Target ID,

1800/2200m Hardened Runway


2 Bomb Bays


*The H-20 has no tail to target or become damaged.