Ratel ZT-3

     Notes:  This is a Ratel-20 APC with the turret replaced with one mounting a triple Ingwe ATGM launcher, a coaxial MAG machinegun, and two smoke grenade launchers on either side of the turret.  The gunner is seated on the right side of the turret and the commander on the left. 

     The Ratel ZT-3 has a roomy driverís compartment at the center front of the vehicle with good visibility through ballistic-glass windows to the front and sides of his position.  He can enter and exit through a roof hatch, or though the rear of his position through the troop compartment.  The driver can cover his windows with armored shutters for high-threat environments.  With the shutters in position, the driver views the area around him though three vision blocks (to the front and sides); the front vision block can be replaced by a night vision block.  The driverís controls are conventional, and the seat and steering column are adjustable. 

     In front of the commanderís position is a hand-operated searchlight operated by the commander or gunner through a handle below the turret roof, or it can be trained directly by putting your hand on the searchlight. The commander has all-around vision blocks; the gunner has four vision blocks to his front and left side, as well as telescopic and night vision sights and devices for his weapons.  The troops each have a small hatch on the roof on the deck to the rear of the turret, for a total of five such small hatches.  There are four firing ports in each side of the Ratel ZT-3, and one in the rear door.  The primary method of entry and exit for troops is via that rear door, which is on the right side of the rear face opposite the engine compartment and is a clamshell-type door opening up and down.  There is also a clamshell door in either side of the vehicle near the center of the hull.

     The Ratel ZT-3 is powered by a Bussing D-3256 BTXF turbocharged diesel produced in South Africa which has an output of 282 horsepower, coupled to a manual transmission.  The suspension is 6x6, and is of the off-road type.  The suspension is rather high (ground clearance is 35 centimeters).  The armor is of all-welded steel; though the Ratel does not have an MRAP hull, additional attention has been paid to the survivability of the suspension, wheels, and tires, which are run-flat and especially puncture-resistant.  The floor has additional armor protection, and the troops and crew have shock-absorbing seats/positions.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



D, A

668 kg

19.23 tons



Passive IR (D, G), WL Spotlight (C)



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










TF6  TS3  TR3  HF11  HS6  HR4*


Fire Control






Triple Ingwe launcher, MG4 (C)

12xZT-3 Ingwe ATGM, 800x7.62mm

*Floor AV is 4Sp.