EF-2000 Eurofighter (Typhoon)

     Notes: Designed to replace a variety of aircraft in several European nations, this aircraft has been plagued by delays.  The Eurofighter was produced for Germany, France, Spain, Britain, and Italy. The Eurofighter is an advanced multi-role aircraft using some of what was the latest aircraft design before the Twilight War, including a supercruise capability (cruise speeds in excess of Mach 1), special chaff that radiates a radar signal of its own, towed decoys that deploy behind the aircraft when cruising to further confuse enemy radar and IR detection equipment, a “semi-stealth” design, and the latest electronics.  The Eurofighters were typically piloted by the best pilots in the countries involved and were very successful.

     The chaff designed for the Eurofighter radiates a radar and radio frequency.  This chaff degrades enemy radar detection and guidance attempts against the Eurofighter in the same manner as normal chaff, but at one level better in effectiveness.  This chaff can be loaded into other aircraft, but only in the US F-22 Raptor or B-2 Spirit will it function with the special effectiveness.  The chaff can also be loaded into the airbrakes of the Eurofighter, but if this is done it will function only as normal chaff.  This chaff costs triple the normal amount of standard chaff.  The Eurofighter can tow two decoys from the rear of the aircraft; these decoys follow the aircraft at a distance of 30 meters and add another level of deception jamming capability, and also function as IRCM devices.  They will be lost 40% of the time is the Eurofighter turns with an agility of 8 or greater.  In addition, they will be lost on the same roll if the Eurofighter flies at 80% or greater of its maximum speed.  These two circumstances are additive.   The Eurofighter was not specifically designed to have stealth features, but has them as a consequence of its design; this makes radar and IR detection and guiding attempts against one level harder.  The chaff and flare dispensers on the Eurofighter are very large, carrying up to 30 decoys (typically 15 chaff bundles and 15 flares).  The two wingtip hardpoints may only be used for heat-seeking air-to-air missiles, and four of the underfuselage hardpoints may only be used for radar-homing or active-homing air-to-air missiles, flare or chaff pods, or ECM or IRCM pods.  Only 5 of the remaining hardpoints (two under each wing, and one under the fuselage) may be used for drop tanks.

     Twilight 2000 Notes: Very few Typhoons were ready for the Twilight War.  So few were built that only Germany got more than 10 of them (and they only got 12).


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision




6.5 tons

21.01 tons



Radar, FLIR, Image Intensification



Tr Mov

Com Mov

Mnvr/Acc Agl/Turn

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons



1063 (100)

NA  266  10/8  100/80





Combat Equipment

Minimum Landing/Takeoff Zone




All-Weather Flight, Radar Warning Receiver, Flare/Chaff Dispensers (See Above), HUD, IR Uncage, Auto Track, Track While Scan, Look-Down Radar, Target ID, Terrain-Following Radar, Multitarget (4), Laser Designator, ECM 3, Deception Jamming

700/300m Hardened Runway


27mm Mauser Autocannon, 13 Hardpoints


*The Typhoon is Suprcruise capable.