Notes:  This armored recovery vehicle is a variant of the MTLBu used by Bulgaria. It is used to recover and repair vehicles of a similar size and weight.  Though based on an unmanufactured East German design, the MTP-1 is for the most part of Bulgarian design. Currently, except for spare parts, production is done when needed. It appears that the MTP-1 has not been built since the early 1990s The MTP-1 was designed to recover and repair light vehicles, with a secondary role in building large fighting positions.

     MTLBu chassis is expanded both to the rear and to the sides; it is not only longer and has an additional roadwheel, the sides are for the most part sloped. The roof has a telescopic crane that can lift 3 tons, and can be extended over the entire vehicle to a maximum of 3.4 meters.  (The operators can also restrict weight lifted to 2 tons, in which case the crane may be extended to 5 meters.)  The crane is designed to reach over the front of the vehicle and can rotate 280 degrees, but does not have enough reach to reach over the rear of the vehicle or towards the rear corners.

     The rear of the vehicle has a large blade similar to that on the engineering variant of the MT-LB that is used to brace the vehicle when using the crane.  It can also be used to prepare vehicle entrenchments, and the MTP-1 can prepare a hull-down position for a main battle tank in 110 minutes.  The MTP-1 also has a winch that can pull 30 tons, or 10 tons when not braced by the dozer blade.  The dozer blade can also scrape and dig, digging, for example, to dig a complete Vasilek firing position in 110 minutes, The MTP-1 is fully amphibious with preparation.  On the center deck is a flat area with tie-down rings for the carrying of a powerpack or large cargoes.

     The cupola of the MT-LBu is retained. Most MTP-1 are armed with a PK or similar machinegun for local defense; however, some 25% of them are equipped with a DShK or NSVT.   Power for the MTB-1 is a 300-horsepower turbocharged diesel; this no coincidence, as the MTP-1 is based on the MT-LBu. Along each side, there is a set of three stowage lockers; these not only store tools and spare parts, but also change the side armor from “no slope” to moderate slope. The MTP-1 is topped on the front left by the same turret as an MT-LBu; this is normally armed with a PKT, some 10% have seen with a DShK, or NSVT. On each side of the vehicle are three firing ports; in front and the rear door are each another firing port.  These are inherited from the MTLBu. In the deck roof are a pair of hatches, plus a hatch for the driver on the front left side.  On each glacis plate, on each side, are a cluster of three smoke grenade launchers; the crane operator has a WL spotlight.


Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision



D, A

2.5 tons

15 tons






Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons










HF4  HS2  HR2


Fire Control






PKT or DShK (C)

2500x7.62mm or 1200x12.7mm