Duro Dakovic M-95 Degman

     Notes: The Degman, a heavily-modified and updated version of the former Yugoslavian M-84 (specifically, the locally-produced M-84A4 version), has had a very troubled development history, primarily due to budgetary problems and lack of interested export buyers.  The Degmen has been around a while – at least since the late 1990s – but as of yet, only two prototypes have been built.  The Croatian Army hopes to be able to upgrade part of its M-84 fleet to the M-95 in the future, but its current budget only has money for upgrades to the M-84D standard.  In 2007, Croatia began negotiations with Kuwait to upgrade her M-84s to the M-95 standard as well as build 66 more new M-95s, but the state of these negotiations are uncertain at this time.  This is really too bad, as the Degman is a worthy upgrade for the M-84; Croatia received considerable assistance from Israel in the development of the Degman.

     One of the primary improvements to the Degman over the M-84 is its armor package.  The glacis and turret front incorporate modular composite armor panels, with lugs for ERA on them as well as the turret sides and hull sides.  The interior of the tank gives almost complete anti-spalling protection for the crew.  Turret also has a large bustle for ammunition storage; it is rumored that the Degman either already has or may incorporate blowout panels for the turret ammunition storage in the future.  The rear of the turret has a bustle for crew equipment; interestingly, this basket is not a conventional basket, but is constructed from slat armor.

     The Degman uses an NBC overpressure system for crew protection, with a collective NBC system as a backup.  The Degman has an advanced communications suite based on Western electronics, including GPS and a “battlefield awareness” system that uses communications and a computer to keep track of enemy and friendly forces and provide changes to orders and the battle situation.  The Degman has a laser detection system; if the tank is lased, smoke grenades (six are available on each side of the turret) are automatically launched in the direction of the laser and a loud warning sounds inside the tank.  The Degman also has a Geiger counter.  A smoke screen can also be laid by injecting diesel fuel into the Degman’s exhaust.  The engine used in the Degman is more powerful than the M-84’s engine, being a 1200-horsepower supercharged diesel. 

     The main gun is a standard Russian-style 125mm smoothbore gun, but the autoloader is one of the fastest for 125mm guns in the world.  (The autoloader allows for 9 shots per minute; unfortunately, this cannot be reflected in the Twilight 2000 v2.2 rules.)  The gun is Croatian-made and has a thermal sleeve and a fume evacuator.  The Degman has a laser rangefinder and ballistic computer of modern design.  The coaxial is a locally-made version of the PKT, while the commander’s machinegun is a locally-made version of the NSVT.

     Croatia is already looking at modifications and upgrades to the Degman.  One is the Rafael Samson RWS, which would replace the commander’s cupola and incorporates an NSVT and a Mk 19 AGL, and also gives the commander a CITS.  Another is a version equipped with a 120mm gun, M-2HB commander’s machinegun, and MAG coaxial to attract more export customers.  As of yet, these are only drawing-board ideas and no such modifications have been made.

     Twilight/Merc 2000 Notes: This vehicle does not exist in the Twilight 2000 timeline.



Fuel Type


Veh Wt



Night Vision


M-95 Degman


D, A

500 kg

44.5 tons



Passive IR (D, C), Image Intensification (C, G), Thermal Imaging (G)




Tr Mov

Com Mov

Fuel Cap

Fuel Cons




M-95 Degman







TF149Cp  TS31Sp  TR21  HF186Cp  HS22Sp  HR13



Fire Control




M-95 Degman



125mm Rapira Gun, PKT, NSVT (C)

42x125mm, 2000x7.62mm, 360x12.7mm