Updates 2022

Updates from last year may be seen here.


I will first say the standard blurbs I normally give at the beginning of the year.  There are references to items that have not yet been put in, and I hope I'll get to them eventually this year.  (If nothing else, the Bureau of Statistics and Standards says an American male has an average lifespan of 77.6 years, and I'm nearly 60 now...gives me a probable endpoint.  I once calculated that I should die sometime in September of 2037.)  I will continue to try to be more assiduous about replying to PMs and email, though I give no guarantees that such replies will not be late or even very late.  A number of PMers and emailers have pointed out items which require more research or just that they would like to see; the best I can say is I'll see what I can do.

As usual, the site is in an enormous state of flux, and stats may change at any time; in some cases, entire pages or entries may change or disappear.


03 Oct 22

In US Antimateriel Rifles M-Z, the SSK .950 JDJ Gun has been added.

In US Machineguns, under the Browning M2HB entry, the FN Browning M1939 has been added.

In Austrian Pistols, the Glock 44 has been added (the entry is actually called Glock .22 Long Rifle Pistols).

In US Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles - Savage, the Savage Mk II has been expanded.

In US Single/Double-Barreled Rifles R-Z, the Savage 42 has been added.

In US Semiautomatic Shotguns A-L, the Kalashnikov USA Komrad has been added.

In International Single/Double-Barreled Shotguns, the Chiappa Triple Threat has been added.

A new page, Best ASM That Never Were, was added, with the AGM-289 Coral Snake.

A new page, US Trainers, has been added, with the T-33 Shooting Star.

Indian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, Japanese Wheeled Engineer Vehicles, and Polish Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been corrected and clarified.

Numerous corrections and clarifications have been made to Best Aircraft That Never Were.



18 Aug 22

In Czech Pistols, the CZ P-10 has been added.

In German Pistols - Heckler & Koch, the HK45 has been added.

In US Pistols C, the Colt Junior has been added.

In German Revolvers K-Z, the Korth NXR has been added.

In US Bolt-Action Sporting Rifles - Savage 10/110, the Model 110 Scout has been added.

In US SAMs, the FIM-92 Stinger has been expanded and slightly corrected.

Chinese Wheeled Engineer Vehicles has been corrected and the GDG130 HSEV has been added.

French Wheeled Engineer Vehicles and German Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been updated and corrected.

In Iraqi Tanks, the T-55 Enigma has been added.

In Russian Tanks, the T-54/55 has been corrected and the entry expanded with additional versions.

US Fighters has received numerous updates and corrections, and the Lockheed P-80/F-80 has been added.


17 Jul 22

In Small-Caliber Rifle Rounds the 6.8mm Fury has been added.

In US Assault Rifles S the SIG USA XM5 has been added.

In US Pistols St-Sz Staccato Pistols have been added.

In Russian ATGMs, the AT-11 has been expanded with new versions.

In Melee Weapons the CKRT KUK/Clever Girl have been added.

In Russian Tanks, the T-90 and T-72 have been expanded and corrected, and other corrections have been applied. This is in response to suggestions from posters on the Twilight 2000 forum.

British Wheeled Engineer Vehicles and Canadian Wheeled Engineer Vehicles have been corrected and updated.


09 May 22

Stats have been corrected in Turkish Tracked Engineer Vehicles, and the ACV-300 ARV with RWS, the Kunduz AZMIM, M48A5E5 Tamay, and M48A5E5 AVLB were added.

In Ukranian Tracked Engineer Vehicles, other versions of the BREM-84 Atlet have been included, including the Thai version.

In US Tracked Engineer Vehicles, general corrections have made.  The version of the Assault Breacher Vehicle with the RWS has been added.  The Bradley E-BFV has been added. The M9A1, A2, and A3 version of the M9 ACE have been added. The M58A1 and A2 versions of the M58 Wolf Smoke-Layer have been added. The M88A3 has been added to the M88 entry.  The M728A1 and A2 have been added to the M728 CEV entry. The M1059A1 and A2 have been added to the M1059 entry.  The M1074 JABS has been added.

In International Tracked APCs, the ASCOD entry has been more fleshed out (though it needs more work). More work has been done on the Pizarro and Ulan, and the possible Czech version has been added.

In Best Tanks That Never Were, the M60-2000 has been removed; it is already, in its later form, the 120S, in US tanks (M60 section). Other corrections were also made to this page.

In Brazilian Revolvers - Taurus. the Taurus Model 380 UL has been added.

I have broken up the Swiss Pistols into Swiss Pistols - SIG and Swiss Pistols.  In Swiss Pistols - SIG, the Legion series has been added.

In US SA Sporting Rifles - Rp-Rz, the Ruger PC-4/9 has been expanded.

In Weapon House Rules, rules for use of arm braces with pistols made from assault rifles. use of such arm braces as stocks, and the attachment of stocks to such assault rifle/pistols to make them into short-barrelled rifles, have been added.


15 Feb 22


In British Bombers, the Vickers Valiant was added.

Spanish Tracked Engineer Vehicles has seen a dramatic change, from corrected stats to corrected and added technical figures to added material.  In addition, the VZCAP Castor and the M60 VLPD 26/70 E have been added.

Swedish Tracked Engineer Vehicles has largely seen corrections and additional info; the exception is the Bgbv-90, which has seen some expansion with new variants of the vehicle.

Swiss Tracked Engineer Vehicles has seen the usual assortment of corrections and additional research and info; however, the primary update to the page is that the vehicles are now divided into the separate MLUs each vehicle had undergone.

In Animals, Feral Pigs have been added. (This one was a suggestion by Olefin from Juhlin's T2K board.)

In Optics (a new page), the SiG Sauer KILO2200 MR and M65 Periscope have been added.  (The Optics page will be a more precise counterpart to the Vision Devices page.)

In German Mines, the SM-70 has been added.

In US Antimateriel Rifles M-Z, the Ultimate Arms Warmonger LR25-Magna has been added.

US Assault Rifles R-Z has been broken up into several pages, including US Assault Rifles R, US Assault Rifles S, US Assault Rifles T-V, and US Assault Rifles W-Z.  In US Assault Rifles T-V, the Ultimate Arms M4-AR Black Widow has been added.

In US Pistols T-Z, the Uselton Arms 1911 has been added.

In US Bolt-Action Rifles T-V, the Uselton Arms Mountain Lite has been added.

In US AAMs, the AIM-120D-5 has been added.

In US Autocannons, the 20mm Vulcan entry has been greatly expanded.