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12 Mar 17

In US Assault Rifles D-F, the Fulton Armory FAR-15 has been added.

In US Assault Rifles G-L, the Hardened Arms AR-15 had been added.

In US Assault Rifles M-Q, the Olympic Arms Plinker Plus has been added.

In US Assault Rifles R-Z, The Rebel Arms Renegade has been added.

In Belgian Pistols - Browning, the aluminum-framed version of the HP-35 Hi-Power has been added.

In US Pistols C, the new version of the Colt Delta Elite and the new 9mm Parabellum version of the Colt Defender have been added.

In US Pistols D-F, a set of Evolution Armory pistols has been added.

The Hoss has been added to the Guncrafter Arms Model 1, and the Heizer Industries PKO-45 has been added, in US Pistols G-H.

The Les Baer Boss has been added to the Monolith Comanche in US Pistols L.

In US Pistols R, the Ruger Mk IV, American Compact, and LCP II have been added to the Ruger entries.

In US Pistols - Smith & Wesson, the Apex M&P Shield entry has been added and the Apex M&P entry removed.

In International Revolvers, the Nighthawk Custom/Korth Mongoose has been added.

The Colt Model 1860 Richards Conversion was added to US Revolvers - Colt A-P.

The Smith & Wesson No 3 was added to US Revolvers - Smith & Wesson 10-30.  In actuality, the No 3 should be on its own page with a number of other early Smith & Wesson revolvers that I have yet to do.  When I get around to these, they will appear in their own page. I make no promises and have no schedule.

In Belgian Double/Single-Barreled Shotguns, the Browning B-25 has been expanded into the B-25/Superposed entry -- greatly expanded, with both the text and figures rewritten.

In Turkish Pump-Action Shotguns, the UTAS UTS-15 entry has been replaced by the UTS-15 Gen 3 entry, which has been heavily rewritten and re-figured, and the entry almost totally rewritten.

The SRM SRM-1216 Gen 2 was added to US Semiauto Shotguns S-Z.

The Bluegrass Armory Moonshiner has been added to US Sniper Rifles A-B.

The Tanfoglio Appeal was added to Italian Semiauto Rifles.

The LMT MWS was added to US Semiauto Sporting Rifles J-M.

The TDI Kriss Super V was moved to US Submachineguns J-Z from Swiss Submachineguns, due to TDI's acqusition by a US company.

In Best Handguns That Never Were, the Hower 12-Shot LeMat was added.

In Melee Weapons, the Zero Tolerance ZT-0220 was added.

A new page, US Cargo Helicopters - UH-60, has been added; this is these pages home of all that is UH-60 Black Hawk.  It took me almost two months to write, and is greatly, massively expanded upon from its predecessors.  I hope you're suitably impressed, or I'll go in my closet and sit in the corner for the next month.  As all my UH-60 information is there, the UH-60 and MH-60 information has been removed from US Cargo Helicopters and Special Ops Helicopters.