Blister Treatment Kit: One of the banes of a soldier's existence is blisters. This kit contains moleskins, gauze, paddings, “Second-Skin" blister pads, antiseptic gel, and sterile needles. The kit is sufficient to treat 50 blisters. It will not be sufficient to provide more than surface protection for blister gas injuries in a very small area. 

     Weight 0.1kg

     Price $50


     Cravat (1x1m): A triangular or square muslin sling. It is also used as bandanna or dust mask (drive-on rag), or any number of improvised uses.

     Weight 0.05kg

     Price $4


     DARK Complete Mil-Spec Kit:  A comprehensive but compact assortment of medical treatment supplies.  These are contained in a Black canvas zippered bag, which allows the kit to be completely opened.Items are listed below:

            1 Pair Nitrile Gloves                                           2 Pair HALO Seals (primarily for sealing sucking chest wounds)

            1 Nasal Airway                                                  1 4” Israeli Bandage

            2 QuickClot Combat Gauze MIL                         1 Compressed Gauze

            1 Mylar Blanket                                                 1 Polycarbonate Eyeshield

            1 TCCC Casualty Documentation Tool               1 TCCC Casualty Documentation Tool

            2 14-Gauge ARS Decompression Tools             1 Gen 7 CAT

            1 Pair Rip Shears                                              1 IV Bag Ringers’ Lactate Solution.

             1 IV Bag Saline Solution                                    2 IV Needles and Tubes

     Weight: 1.5 kg

     Price: $205



     EDC IFAK Rescue Medical Kit: A version of this is reportedly carried by US special Ops forces (though theirs have more gear).  The EDC IFAK is carried as a small rucksack and can be attached to other load-carrying equipment.  It carries most of the gear needed to stop acute bleeding, treat burns, conduct old-style CPR, as well as basic and advanced first aid.  It is contained in a tough canvas backpack/bag.  The basic items will be listed below, followed by advanced gear carried by special operations medics.

          1 Combat Application Tourniquet                          1 Nasopharyngeal Airway (28fr)

          1 H&H Compressed Gauze                                   1 Pair Nitrile Gloves                    

          1 H&H Mini-Compression Bandage                       1 ABD Pad (127x229mm)

          1 NuMask CBR Mask                                           3 Pkg Gauze Pads (102x102 mm) (2/Pkg)

          1 Conforming Stretch Gauze Roll (102mm x 5 meters)

          1 Eye Pad                                                           1 Bundle Duct Tape (51mm x 915mm)

          6 Bandaids (25x76mm)                                         2 Oval Bandaids (51x102mm)

          2 Tubes Triple Antibiotic Ointment                         2 BZK Antiseptic Towelette

          3 Pkg Ibuprofen 200mg (2 Tablets per Pkg)           3 Pkg Diotame 102mg (2 Tablets per Pkg)

          3 Diphenhydramine, 25mg


     The following are additional items that will be found in a special operations EDV IFAK:

          1 IV Bag Saline Solution                                       1 IV Bag Ringers’ Lactate Solution.

          2 IV Needles and Tubes                                       2 Combat Application Tourniquets

          10 Tampons (Military Issue)                                  1 Tube Superglue

          2 H&H Compressed Gauze                                   5 Pair Nitrile Gloves

          3 ABD Pad (127x229mm)                                      3 Conforming Stretch Gauze Roll (102mm x 5 meters)

          1 Tube Triple Antibiotic Ointment                          2 BZK Antiseptic Towelette

          4 Pkg QuikClot


     The bag is 17.8 x 13 x 10.2 cm in size.  Weight for the standard version is 0.5 kg; weight for the special ops version is 3 kg.

     Price: (Standard) $112, (Special Ops) $482


     Emergency Blanket: Commonly called a space blanket due to it’s space-age look, this is a blanket that seems it wouldn’t keep a potato warm.  However, placed over a casualty in shock, it’s Mylar construction will keep a casualty toasty warm and will seal out 50 degrees of temperature.  It is easily molded around a victim.  It’s not used as a general purpose blanket due to its fragility.  A secondary use for the space blanket is to signal aircraft. It folds into a small package, and is found in many survival and field medical assortments, as well as vehicular first aid kits.

     Weight: 0.1 kg

     Price $11


     Field Dental Kit: A small kit for use by characters with Medical (Surgical) skill who also have dental knowledge. It is, however, designed for use by amateurs (with constant reference to the instructions). It does not necessarily provide the materials for a permanent solution to dental problems.  The kit contains:

          10 gauze pads (100x100mm)                    1 forceps

          1 pair tweezers                                         1 dental mirror

          25 cotton balls                                         100g filling material

          100 units toothache remedy                      10 units local anesthetic

          1 mixing dish                                           100g cementing material

          1 spatula                                                 1 set dental instructions

     Weight 0.3kg

     Price $700


     Field Dressings: Bandages used to bind typical wounds; they consist of a pad with muslin or cotton strips. Many sizes

are available, but three are given. The size given is the size of the pad; consider the bandage to have a long enough binding strip to accomplish the task.

     Small: The normal size found in first aid kits and personal medical kits. 100x180mm.  Weight: 0.05kg; Price $4

     Medium: Also found in most medical kits (but not the personal medical kit).  190x203mm. Weight 0.11kg; Price $9

     Large: Found in larger medical assortments, and used for large wounds such as burns, chest wounds, and shotgun wounds. 300x300mm. Weight 0.25kg; Price $20


    Field Medical Assortment #1: A kit typically carried by medics, nurses, and doctors.  This kit contains:

          12 Band-Aids (various sizes)                                 6 butterfly bandages

          6 gauze pads (100x100mm)                                  1 compress bandage (100mm)

          2 rolls gauze (25mmx5m)                                      1 wire mesh splint (1m)

          1 thermometer                                                      1 pair tweezers

          10m sutures                                                         3 surgical needles

          1 needle                                                              1 razor blade

          1 bar antibacterial soap (100g)                              100 units mild pain reliever

          100ml antiseptic                                                   6 antacid tablets

          10 alcohol pads                                                   1 zip-lock plastic bag

Weight 0.6kg; Price $500 (S/S)


     Field Medical Assortment #2: A larger version of the above.  The kit contains:

          32 Band-Aids (assorted sizes)                               4 adhesive knit (25x75mm)

          3 suture strips                                                      10 gauze pads (100x100mm)

          1 compress bandage (190x203mm)                       10 Telfa pads (75x100mm)

          6 butterfly bandages                                            2 eye pads

          1 compress bandage (100x180mm)                       1 compress bandage (300x300mm)

          2 rolls gauze (50mmx5m)                                      2 moleskins (75x100mm)

          1 cravat (1x1m)                                                    1 elastic bandage (75mmx2.5m)

          1 wire mesh splint (1m)                                         1 pair vinyl examining gloves

          1 pair EMT shears                                                1 forceps

          1 hypothermia thermometer                                  6 surgical needles

          1 needle                                                              20m sutures

          2 razor blades                                                     4 safety pins

          10 cotton swabs                                                  20 alcohol pads

          2 bars antibacterial soap (100g)                            20ml plastic bottle

          100ml antiseptic                                                   100g antiseptic gel

          100 units mild pain reliever                                    10 units mild sedative

          10 units strong sedative                                       8 antacid tablets

          10 units antihistamine                                           20 salt tablets

Weight 1.4kg; Price $800 (S/S)


     Field Surgical Kit: A set of stainless steel instruments for use in emergency operations. These instruments are often seen in the hands of special forces medics and civilian paramedics. The instruments come in a zippered cloth pouch with an emergency surgery manual.  The kit also contains, in sterile pouches (upon first use):

          1 suture kit (20 operations)                                   20 scalpel blades

          1 pair bandage scissors                                       1 pair tweezers

          10 units local anesthetic                                       10 units +/- antibiotic

          1 set prep pads (20 operations)                            1 pair suture scissors

          2 pair forceps                                                      1 scalpel handle w/blade

          10 units total anesthetic                                        1 penlight

Weight 1kg; Price $450 (S/S)


     First Aid Assortment #1: This is an assortment of minor medical supplies assembled into a kit. This first aid assortment contains:

          8 Band-Aids (various sizes)                                  2 gauze pads (100x100mm)

          2 Telfa pads (100x75mm)                                     1 roll medical tape (25mmx10m)

          1 safety pin                                                          1 razor blade

          1 bandage compress (100mm)                              1 roll of gauze (25mmx5m)

          1 moleskin (75x100mm)                                        1 needle

          4 alcohol pads

Weight 0.25kg, Price $40


     First Aid Assortment #2: Another assortment of medical supplies.  This first aid assortment contains:

          12 Band-Aids (various sizes)                                 4 butterfly bandages

          4 gauze pads (100x100mm)                                  4 Telfa pads (100x75mm)

          1 bandage compress (100mm)                              1 roll gauze (25mmx5m)

          1 roll medical tape (25mmx10m)                            1 moleskin (75x100mm)

          1 cravat (1x1m)                                                    1 pair tweezers

          1 needle                                                              4 safety pins

          1 razor blade                                                       6 alcohol pads

Weight 0.4kg; Price $65


     First Aid Assortment #3: A larger first aid kit, normally found in a plastic box issued with US and NATO vehicles. The kit features a set of first aid instructions that allow a +2 Medical (Trauma Care) during first aid attempts.

          1 pair EMT shears                                                1 pair tweezers

          10 safety pins                                                      50ml antiseptic

          1 Carlisle dressing                                               5 alcohol pads

          1 roll gauze (25mmx5m)                                       50 units mild pain reliever

          3 compress bandages (100mm each)                    100g antiseptic gel

          1 thermometer                                                      100ml burn mixture

          20 cotton swabs                                                  2 rolls medical tape (25mmx10m each)

          100ml petroleum jelly                                           2 Telfa pads (75x100mm)

          10 salt tablets                                                      1 cravat (1x1m)

Weight 0.8kg; Price $250


     First Aid Assortment #4: A small assortment normally issued to airborne troops.  This first aid kit contains:

          10 Band-Aids (various sizes)                                 50ml antiseptic

          1 roll gauze (25mmx5m)                                       1 roll medical tape (25mmx10m)

          1 compress bandage (100mm)                              25 units mild pain reliever

          25 units mild sedative                                           1 cravat (1x1m)

          4 safety pins                                                        4 alcohol pads

          100g antiseptic gel                                               1 pair small scissors

          1 pair tweezers

Weight 0.45kg; Price $100 (S/S)


     Insect Repellent: Known as ''bug juice" to troops; this also liberally issued to troops. Weight 0.1kg; Price $2


     Iodine Tablets (100 units):  Makes water safe to drink, but leaves a strong metallic taste. One unit is sufficient to treat one quart of water; 30 minutes are required for the iodine to work. Weight 0.05kg; Price $30 (~/V)


     Israeli Pressure Bandage:  This is appropriate for an arm, leg, ankle, foot, wrist, or hand.  It is designed, once fixed in place, to provide content and firm pressure directly to a wound, and mold itself to the wound.  This will stop ¾ of hit points being lost from bleeding.


     ITS Tactical ETA: This set was put together by an 18D (Special Forces Medic). And is designed to tread the line between not enough and too much.  It is meant to be a light bag for assistant medics and combat lifesavers.  The bag is small and holds a two-pack Combat Dressing, a pack of “Combat Gauze” – a standard pressure bandage impregnated with the material in QuikClot, used to not only apply pressure to wounds, but to quickly promote clotting.  A third type bandage has an outer surface of hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro).  The Halo bandage is large, oval in shape, and 225 millimeters wide.  It has a sticky back, and comes in a three-pack.  It is designed to seal wounds like sucking chest wounds and abdominal wounds.  A standard ACE-type bandage, 200 millimeters wide and 20 meters long, with clips, is included for GP uses. A pair of Nitrile gloves are included so as to not contaminate wounds, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer is also packed.  A combat casualty card, detailing a casualty’s condition is included, as well as a pencil (with eraser.

Weight: 1.5 kg; Price: $150


     Medic Bag, "Airborne": So called because these pouches were first designed for paratroopers in WW II. The pouch is hard in order to resist crushing. Holds 2.5kg; Weight 0.2kg; Price $15


     Medic Bag, Large: Holds 8kg, and is organized for storage and quick finding of medical supplies. Weight 1kg; Price $40


     Medic Bag, Small: A smaller version of the above. Holds 4kg. Weight 0.3kg, Price $25


     Personal Bleeding Control Kit: Enough to control severe bleeding in yourself or one person.  They are packaged in a clear, resealable pouch, which in turn goes into a slim canvas pouch. The Kit consist of:

            1 Instructional Book on Bleeding control that gives the reader a level of Medical (Trauma Aid) 0 or +1 for purposes of blood loss control.

            1 C-A-T Tourniquet                                            QuickClot-Impregnated dressing

            1 Mini-Sharpie Marker (for writing on the forehead when the tourniquet of other medical devices were applied)

            1 Pair Protective Gloves                                    1 Compression Bandage

Weight: 0.2 kg; Price: $69


     QwikClot: A granular powder which is vacuum-packed for distribution, making it a small package. It comes in a sponge impregnated by QwikClot; placed on a heavily bleeding wound, it’s hydrophilic qualities will almost always stop bleeding, almost immediately.  Treatment with QwikClot will stop ½ of damage due to bleeding; add a bandage and it will stop 5/6 of such damage.  Weight: 0.35 kg; Price: $15


     Sunscreen: All-purpose, waterproof, non-irritating. In the US, this is normally issued liberally to troops prior to field

training or wartime deployment. Weight 0.1kg, Price $5 (S/S)


     TacMed Operator IFAK: This is a compact kit for the effective basic treatment of injuries associated with anything from combat trauma to range – er – misfires. It is designed not to take up to much space on a soldier’s equipment, while the interior is laid out for quick access to the right tools. Medical equipment inside includes:

            1 SOF Tourniquet Gen 4                                                            1 OLAES 10.2cm Modular Bandage

            1 Petrolatum Gauze pad Burn Dressing – 12.7x15.24cm              1 Nasopharyngeal Airway 28F w/Lube

            1 Pair Nitrile Gloves Size XL                                                      1 5.08cm x 25 meter Surgical Tape

            1 TacMed Face Shield                                                               1 14cm Trauma Shears

             1 TacMed Combat Casualty Card

     Weight: 0.25 kg

     Price: $56    


     Tampon: Other than its uses in feminine hygiene, the tampon is quite useful in plugging bullet wounds.  Stuck in a bullet hole, it will stop all the damage due to bleeding for 10 minutes, and ½ the damage for 50 more.  Soldiers prefer simple budget tampons in super absorbency and full size which are easy to apply and often issued by supply activities; since this property of tampons was discovered, tampons have been issued to medics as well as to females for feminine hygiene. Weight: 0.6 kg, box of 20; Price $34


     Tranq Autoinjectors: Similar to the atropine autoinjectors described in Twilight:2000 but loaded with a fast-acting tranquilizer drug, these devices were originally made for use by mental hospitals and police, but the merc and military trade soon adopted them.  When applying one to an unresisting target (one surprised or subdued by unarmed combat), the user may choose the body part the injector is used on. Resisting targets must be subdued using unarmed combat before the injector can be applied.

     As with tranq darts, a hit in any part of the body will be effective eventually, but some areas give faster results than others. Head hits result in instant unconsciousness. Chest and abdomen hits result in unconsciousness after 1D6~2 phases five to 15 seconds).  An arm hit requires the target to roll his Constitution or less on 1D10 to stay awake each phase. The drug will take effect even if the injector is removed immediately. Tranq autoinjectors also affect dogs in the same way as tranq darts.  Weight:0.1 kg per set of three.  Price: $75 per set of three


     Water Chlorinating Kit: This kit contains ampoules of calcium hypochlorate sufficient to disinfect 3000 lifers of water, and a test set to determine if the water has been sufficiently disinfected. (It cannot determine if the water is clean to begin with.) The process takes 30 minutes to fully disinfect and test. This kit also contains 50 units of iodine for individual canteen disinfections. Weight 2kg; Price $1000 (S/S)