The magazines presented here are based on light alloy magazines.  For steel magazines, increase weight by 2%; for plastic or synthetic magazines; decrease weight by 8 percent.



5.66mm MPS Dart

     Notes: This is not a rifle cartridge in a conventional sense, but rather a long, dart-like projectile that is designed primarily for underwater use and fired using a modified case based on the 5.45mm Kalashnikov cartridge.  The 5.66mm MPS Dart is finless and drag-stabilized underwater; in open air, the dart is highly unstable and has limited range and effectiveness.  The firing cartridge itself is about the same size as a rifle cartridge, though the dart is considerably larger than any bullet.  The dart is made from a steel alloy designed to be heavier than standard steel.  Due to the construction of the 5.66mm MPS Dart, the polymer magazines are strikingly large, including a projecting lower section containing the follower spring.

     The 5.4mm MPS Dart is essentially the same as the 5.66mm MPS Dart, but uses a larger propellant charge and a harder grade of steel.  Price is twice what is listed below.

     Twilight 2000 Notes: The 5.4mm MPS Dart is not available in the Twilight 2000 timeline.

     Nominal Size: 5.66x39mm (plus a 120mm dart)

     Actual Size: 5.61x39mm (plus a 5.61x120mm dart)

     Case Type: Necked

     Weight: 3.27 kg per box of 100; Price: $357 per box


Per round: 0.03 kg

26-round box: 1.24 kg




7.62mm PZAM

     Notes: Development of this round goes back to 1965, where it followed on the tail of the prototypical SP-1 cartridge.  The jacket is a heavily-modified 7.62mm Nagant cartridge, which has internally been modified to accept a plunger.  The plunger is actuated by the propellant charge, which then pushes the bullet itself out of the barrel.  The propellant gasses are thus contained almost entirely within the case, and the round is virtually silent except for the click of the plunger extending.  The bullet itself is a standard 7.62mm Kalashnikov bullet; this was partially done to confuse the compatriots of victims as to the source of the bullet (as to whether it could be a silenced AK-47 or SKS).  The PZAM bullet is used exclusively by the S-4M silent pistol.

     Other Names: 7.62mm PZAM Silent, PZAM Silent

     Nominal Size: 7.62x63mm

     Actual Size: 7.8x63mm

     Case Type: Straight

     Weight: 1.33 kg per box of 50; $384 per box.


Per round: 0.024 kg

2-round clip: 0.48 kg




7.62mm SP-3

     Notes: Very little about this round is known outside of Russian clandestine services; it may have been in existence as early as the mid-1960s.  It was developed for the MSP silenced tip-up pistol, and as such is loaded as a clip of two rounds into the breech of the weapon, after which the weapon is locked shut again.  The SP-3 is believed only to have been used operationally in the MSP Groza silenced pistol, the successor to the S-4M.  Silenced ammunition might be a better description, as it is the ammunition and not the pistol which is for the most part silent.  The SP-3 uses a captive piston system, like the PZAM, where the propellant charge pushes a piston inside the case to propel the bullet.  The bang of the propellant gasses are therefore contained almost entirely within the case, and only a very faint sound is heard during firing.  There is some controversy as to whether the bullet is a standard 7.62mm Tokarev bullet or not; it is, however, round-nosed. The case origin is also a mystery, and may be custom-designed.

     Other Names: SP-3 Silent, 7.62x35mm Russian Silent

     Nominal Size: 7.62x35mm

     Actual Size: (Estimated) 7.8x35mm

     Case Type: Necked

     Weight: 0.91 kg per box of 50; Price: $134 per box

Per round: 0.017 kg

2-round clip: 0.34 kg




7.62mm SP-4

     Notes: The SP-4 was developed from the SP-3 and PZAM rounds, as was designed to be used in an autoloading pistol.  The principle behind the round is the same, however, is very similar, using a captive plunger system.  It is, however, supposedly just a little louder, though this is probably due to reciprocation of the slide rather than the actual noise of the fired round.  The ammunition, based on a radically cut-down 7.62mm Kalashnikov round, uses a propellant-actuated plunger inside the case, trapping the sound of the propellant inside the case; in addition, the round itself is subsonic, as the PZAM and SP-3. The SP-4 is also used in the NRS Scouting Knife/Pistol.

     Other Names: SP-4 Silent, 7.62x37mm Russian Silent

     Nominal Size: 7.62x37mm

     Actual Size: (Estimated) 7.9x37mm

     Case Type: Necked

     Weight: 1 kg per box of 50; Price: $144 per box

Per round: 0.018 kg

6-round box: 0.2 kg