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I have bowed to public pressure to make PDFs of these pages available for download.  I do not promise that these PDF pages will be always up to date, though I will strive to make them so.  I don't even guarantee that the file size listed will always be correct. I also do not guarantee that the entire site will be mirrored here.

Some may notice that newer PDFs have gotten much smaller.  Adobe made an update to the Acrobat 11 Pro program, and one of the things it does is pack HTML files into a smaller space.  Do not worry, the content is still there.

I have added a PDF for the civilian vehicles I have right now.

Air Weapons

 Air-to-Air Missiles (127 KB)

 Air-to-Ground Rockets (28.2 KB)

 Air-to-Surface Missiles (101 kg)

Bombs (43.5 KB)



Small Arms

 Antimateriel Rifles (279 KB)

 Assault Rifles (1.099 MB)

 Automatic Rifles (257 KB)

 Battle Rifles (578 KB)

 Best Weapons That Never Were (461 KB)

 Blackpowder Firearms (283 KB)

 Machineguns (276 KB)

 Pistols (2.015 MB)

 Revolvers (1.024 MB)

 Shotguns (1.801 MB)

Sniper Rifles (599 KB)

 Special Purpose Firearms (270 KB)

 Sporting Rifles (3.068 MB)

 Submachineguns (507 KB)


Heavy Weapons

 ATGMs (207 KB)

Flamethrowers (27.6 KB)

Grenade Launchers (223 KB)

Mortars (468 KB)

Rocket Launchers (222 KB)

SAMs (154 KB)


Large Caliber Guns

Autocannons (157 KB)

Large-Caliber Guns (50.5 KB)

Towed Guns (154 KB)



Explosives (100 KB)

Hand_Grenades (164 KB)

Lighting_and_Signals (154 KB)

Mines (259 KB)

Rifle_Grenades (70.3 KB)



Aircraft (805 KB)

Artillery_Support_Vehicles (207 KB)

ATGM_Vehicles (226 KB)

Best_Vehicles_That_Never_Were (340 KB)

Civilian Vehicles (1.262 MB)

Heavy_Unarmored_Vehicles (332 KB)

 Helicopters (549 KB)

Light_Unarmored_Vehicles (562 KB)

Medium_Unarmored_Vehicles (408 KB)

Mortar_Carriers (366 KB)

MRLs (221 KB)

Semi-Tractors (291 KB)

 Self-Propelled_Artillery (397 KB)

 Self-Propelled_Guns (153 KB)

Tanks (801 KB)

 Tracked_APCs (730 KB)

 Tracked_Engineer_Vehicles (800 KB)

Tracked_Light Combat Vehicles (319 KB)

Tracked_SP Antiaircraft (158 KB)

Trailers (246 KB)

UAVs (78.3 KB)

Unarmored_Recovery_Vehicles (78.3 KB)

Watercraft (97 KB)

Wheeled_APCs (877 KB)

Wheeled_Engineer_Vehicles (163 KB)

Wheeled_Light Combat Vehicles (200 KB)

Wheeled_SP Antiaircraft (154 KB)

Glossary_for_Ground_Vehicles (38 KB)

Glossary_for_Aircraft (37.7 KB)



Misc Pages

Ammunition (659 KB)

Armor Values (13.5 KB)

Care_and_Feeding_of_Anti-Armor_Weapons (19.3 KB)

Character_Generation (317 KB)

Equipment (356 KB)

General_House_Rules (18 KB)

Lighting_and_Signals (139 KB)

Melee Weapons 2 (214 KB)

Scopes (194 KB)

Hand Tools & Suchlike (54 KB)

Melee Weapons Experiment (284 KB)

Vehicle_House_Rules (19.7 KB)

Weapon_House_Rules (27.8 KB)

Glossary_for_Aircraft (37.8 KB)

Glossary_for_Ground_Vehicles (41.5 KB)


Good Luck, You're on Your Own -- A Webzine by Grimace

Good_Luck,_You're_on_Your_Own -- Issue_1



Other Documents

 Mexican_Army_Sourcebook by Anders Larsson (10 MB)

Polish_Army_Sourcebook by Anders Larsson (7.16 MB)

Alternate Timeline by Anders Larsson (1.31 MB)

Nuclear_Threat_Analysis by_State by Rogue Turtle (5.56 MB)

Wapahani (TR's) Web Site (84.6 MB)

Webstral's Desert Storm in Twilight 2000 (4.99 MB)

T2K_World_War_2 by snotplr (15.7 MB) (This site is subject to the author's wishes, and is supplied only as resource for gamers that would otherwise have been lost. I simply have not been able to contact the author.)